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About RoboRad

Our mission is to apply recent advances in machine learning and computer vision to medical imaging in order to improve diagnostic accuracy, efficiency, and turnaround time. We aim to improve outcomes for patients by decreasing miss rates, while simultaneously improving satisfaction for doctors. RoboRad has also branched out to nonmedical applications of computer vison.

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Current Projects

RoboRad is currently working with an academic healthcare institution as well as with a private company to develop new products for medical imaging as well as non-medical purposes. Current projects in development (not FDA approved at this time) include:

Bone Age Estimation

Automated estimation of patient age by analyzing a hand radiograph.

Intracranial Hemorrhage Detection

Detection of intracranial hemorrhage to speed up diagnosis by analyzing CT images.

Chest Radiograph Analysis

Evaluation of chest radiographs for multiple important findings.


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